Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement (‘’Agreement’’ or ‘’TOS’’) govern the relationship between Helpbert (‘’Us’’) and the Customer (‘’Customer’’ or ‘’You’’). Both individuals and organizations may enter into this Agreement with Helpbert by signing up for an account or enrolling in our services. You acknowledge that You are authorized to enter into this Agreement and agree to all Terms and Conditions contained herein.

  1. Helpbert’s Services
    • 1.a.
    • Helpbert may, in its sole and absolute discretion, limit or suspend its services for any reason. This limitation/suspension of service may be due to situations including, but not limited to, scheduled maintenance or Your violation of this Agreement,
    • 1.b.
    • In the event Helpbert needs to provide You with customer support, You agree that Helpbert shall have the right to access Your account for this purpose.
    • 1.c.
    • Helpbert will contact You via email regarding any scheduled maintenance to its website and any limited suspensions of service that may result. It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your email address is current.

  2. Your Use of Helpbert
    • 2.a.
    • You shall provide Helpbert with a valid email address and accurate, up to date information.
    • 2.b.
    • You agree that You will not use Helpbert for any illegal or improper purpose. Improper purposes include, but are not limited to, actions that cause harm to Us or other users. You agree to be solely liable for any damages incurred with any illegal or improper use of Helpbert. You agree that Helpbert may terminate Your account at any time if it deems Your use of our services to be illegal or improper.
    • 2.c.
    • You shall be solely responsible for the security of any user information and passwords associated with Your account.
    • 2.d.
    • You shall take commercially reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized use of Helpbert’s services. You shall be responsible for all account activity conducted on Your behalf, whether authorized or unauthorized.
    • 2.e.
    • You agree to not disrupt, tamper with, or circumvent any protective mechanisms such as security measures or licenses. You agree to not attempt to access, copy, or modify any of Helpbert’s software.
    • 2.f.
    • In the event of a security breach or the discovery of unauthorized access of Your account, You shall notify Helpbert immediately.
    • 2.g.
    • You agree that Helpbert’s services are solely for the benefit of the Customer and You agree not to copy, duplicate, sell, or resell any aspect of Helpbert’s services.

  3. Privacy
    • 3.a.
    • You agree to all terms set forth in Helpbert’s Privacy Policy.

  4. Data
    • 4.a.
    • Helpbert shall have the right to use Customer Analytical Data in an aggregated and/or anonymous manner for purposes such as internal statistics, provided such use will not reasonably lead to the identification of the Customer.
    • 4.b.
    • Helpbert and its employees shall take all appropriate measures to secure against the unlawful processing of the Customer’s data.
    • 4.c.
    • Helpbert shall store and handle the Customer’s data in a manner consistent with industry security standards in order to minimize any risk of unauthorized use or access to the Customer’s data.
    • 4.d.
    • In the event the Helpbert experiences a security breach that may affect the Customer, Helpbert shall notify the Customer regarding such breach. However, it is the responsibility of the Customer to take any action necessary to mitigate the potential impact of such breach.

  5. Changes to this Agreement
    • 5.a.
    • Periodically, Helpbert may, in its sole and absolute discretion, modify the terms of this Agreement. Any modifications and/or updates to this Agreement may be made by Helpbert without prior notice to You and are effective once posted to this page.
    • 5.b.
    • Your continued enrollment in Helpbert’s services shall constitute Your acknowledgement of and acceptance to the modifications and changes to this Agreement.
    • 5.c.
    • You acknowledge that it is Your responsibility to visit this page to ensure that You are aware of the most recent provisions of this Agreement. You further acknowledge that any modifications or updates made to this Agreement replace all previous versions and provisions of this Agreement.